Creation Myth

Luttuv and Epofsuk were made of the energies of the world: Luttuv of life and light, Epofsuk of death and darkness.
The world began as a lump of rock, but with these energies in abundance.
These energies were drawn together to create the Great Gods.
Luttuv gave herself the form of perfect beauty, all of light and purity, and Epofsuk gave himself the dark beauty of the perfect man.

Luttuv wanted light for the world that was dark, so she created the burning light that she named the Sun.
But Epofsuk saw how the sun burned the land, crumbling rock to dust, so he made the moon, and with it, the night.
He found the sun to be beautiful in its creation and was unwilling to destroy it, so he used the night to chase day, then surrender to it again.
And so the perfect cycle of night and day began.
Luttuv was intrigued by the creation of the night, for she did not make it and wondered at its appearance and how it only destroyed her daylight briefly.

With the help of the cycle of night and day, Luttuv began to make the cold rock of the world into a world of beauty, calling water from the rocks to create rivers, streams, lakes, and seas, and to make the soil fertile.
Plants of her creation took root and grew up: trees, ferns, flowers, bushes.
All the land became green and glorious.
Epofsuk knew this could not go on forever, so he created disease and death to take the plants over time.
Luttuv was pleased for the balance to creation of life, for she could only grant life and light to the world, and she knew that her unseen partner would always add a balance to all that she created.

So Luttuv created insects to help the plants reproduce, and again her partner added death in the end.
Then she created animal life, starting with the smallest mouse, and again death and disease eventually followed.

For years they watched the animals live their cycles, ever wondering who the other was, for they each had thought to be alone until the creation began.
They wandered their world for years, until the day when they happened upon each other in a glade of willows by a riverbed.
Upon sight each knew who the other was, and they lay together surrounded by the nature of their creation, and set about to make more of the world together.

And so were born the Children of the Great Gods, but Luttuv was saddened to see that her children could have none of their own, she created mortals like she had made the animals of the world.
The children born of the union between the child of the Great Gods and a mortal all had magic nearly as strong as that of the immortal parent, but the children born of two mortals had no magic.

The Children of the Great Gods were immortal, and not even an illness created by Epofsuk would end their lives.
So when the world was populated, filled with a balance of people with magic and people without, and divided into kingdoms, the Great Gods called their Children to leave the physical realm with them.
The powers of the Great Gods and all their children were combined to forge a new realm for their existence, one that will forever be called the Realm of the Gods.
And for their descendants they created the Spirit Realm, where the souls of the dead may live in peace together.