Curses are acts of revenge committed by a sorcerer who feels personally wronged by another’s actions. The curse may be placed upon the one directly responsible for the actions, or upon someone close to that person, however the sorcerer things best to punish the one who wronged him. Often, curses are placed on the unborn children of the offender.

The Cursed

The curse itself brings into the cursed body a unique force of magic. For sorcerers, there would therefore be two forces of magic in the body. This second force is what keeps the curse functioning in the body throughout life.

This magic also leaves a physical mark on the cursed’s skin. These marks are usually in the form of black lines. The number of lines directly relates the the amount of curse magic in the body of the cursed. These marks can be concealed with other magic as long as the curse remains unbroken.

The Castor

Using a curse is not considered the proper way to deal with conflict. It is considered more honorable to dual with serious forms of conflict. Even if the offender is not another sorcerer, using a form of combat when easier methods of conflict resolution don’t work is considered a much better solution. Curses are considered a cowardly way to deal with conflict.
Because of this, any sorcerer who is found to have cast a curse on anyone is shunned from magical society. Those without magic fear such sorcerers, and other people of magic despise them for their actions.

Soul Links and Curses
If an Asir can be found by the cursed or by someone close to the cursed, the cursed soul can be linked to that of another. The soul link allows the cursed to find someone who will make life easier for him or her. Finding the soul-partner will not end the curse, but the partner will love the cursed and understand what is needed to make cursed life easier to cope with. Finding one’s soul-partner can also weaken the curse to some degree, but not enough to ever break the curse itself.
If a curse does break, and there is a soul-link involving the cursed, that soul-link remains intact. The link is not directly related to the curse itself, it is only done in response to the curse’s existence. The soul-partners will still have the same relationship that they had before the breaking of the curse.

Breaking of Curses

It is incredibly difficult to break curses. In order for a curse to break, something must happen that would kill the cursed and his or her soul-partner, if there is one. The curse itself would force the cursed to act in such a way that there would be no chance of survival. The curse would then break in order to keep the body of the formerly cursed alive. In this way, curses act as a gift when they are finally broken, giving the one who was cursed another chance at life. It’s thought that this trait of curses was put in place by the gods, who also viewed the casting of curses as a cowardly way to resolve conflicts.

It is also possible for the souls of the dead to break the curse if they wish to. This is the most rare form of curse breaking and has only been known to have occurred in two cases.

The Formerly Cursed

When a curse does break, the person who had the curse is known as NAME, The Formerly Cursed.
Broken curses result in an increase in the magic that can be used by a sorcerer. A sorcerer who carried a significantly powerful curse will be even more powerful than sorcerers with violet power. This is due to the magic that had sustained the curse being made useable to the sorcerer, essentially giving them two forces of magic. For this reason, sorcerers who are Formerly Cursed are highly regarded by others. It is believed that they have atoned for whatever actions resulted in the curse, if they had been guilty of any offense at all.

Those who did not possess any magic of their own become sorcerers of the arcane type of magic. They are not normally as powerful as red or violet sorcerers, unless the curse required a very large amount of magic.

A broken curse makes it impossible to hide the marks of the curse. It’s not known why this is so, but no amount of magic will conceal the lines after the breaking of a curse.