Asirim are individuals who came communicate with and partially control mortal souls. This is the complete opposite of necromancy, in that Asirim do not seek to work evil with their abilities, only good. They often work to put the souls of the dead to rest to end hauntings, and they can work as a conduit between the realm of the living and the dead. They do not wish to control a physical body, only to work with souls to create an agreement in which everyone will benefit. No one is harmed and no blood is needed, except in very rare instances.

The Asirim communicate with the souls by placing themselves mentally into the realm the separates the physical world from the spiritual one. From this realm the Asirim can work with the souls of the living and communicate with the souls of the dead.

An Asir is said to be born from non-Asirim parents only when that person will need to use his or her powers to do something great in a time of crisis, and therefor most Asirim born of normal parents are feared for the crisis that will eventually come.


The overall purpose of the Asirim powers has been declared to be to fight against the evil work of necromancers, and to protect those who would become the victims of necromancy. The Asirim themselves have declared this to be their purpose in life, and this was why they were granted such powers by the Great Gods after Savjuvi attempted to fight Eryf’s actions in the creation of necromancy.


Because the Asirim were granted powers to completely oppose necromancy, the most powerful Asirim are women. A male Asir has slightly different powers than his female counterparts. Male Asirim are limited in their ability to act as a portal between the realms. Female Asirim can use this power anywhere in the world, but male Asirim can only serve as a portal in their own homeland, and for their own people. A male Asir cannot travel to another country and communicate with the souls there, but a female Asir can.

The male Asir can use his powers in another land in some rare cases. If he creates a blood bond with another Asir in that country, he will be able to communicate with those souls until the bond fades. This fading takes at most one year. These bonds may also slightly change the personality of the male Asir, but only for the duration of the bond.

The Ritual

The bond ritual must be overseen by another Asir, or by a priest. This ritual involves incantations that call upon the help of the gods to temporarily join the two Asirim. These two Asirim must sit in silence, holding each others hands over a bowl of incense until the ritual is complete. The palms of both Asirim must be cut so that their blood mingles.

At the completion of the ritual, the blood will be absorbed into the wounds, and the wounds will heal. Both Asirim will be exhausted and in need of several hours of sleep before they can use their powers. Use of the power does not speed the decline of the bond, only time will do so. The male Asir who is granted powers can use the powers as much or as little as needed until the bond naturally fades.

One Asir cannot pass on powers to the same Asir again after the completion of the ritual. The male Asir will need to find another Asir to perform the ritual with if he desires more power again.

Linking Souls

Female Asirim have the ability to link souls together. It is ideally done between two souls, but can be done with multiple souls. As more souls are linked, the magic becomes more difficult to sustain and work with.

The most common use for this power is to unite the soul of someone who is cursed with that of someone who is not (see Chapter Five: Curses). Doing this, while not breaking the curse, gives the cursed individual more freedom. These soul links usually lead to very intimate relationships between the two whose souls are connected.

Some Asirim women have tried to use this power to find a future lover for their children, but they quickly realized that it wasn’t always possible to determine the sex or gender of a soul.