Unicorns are considered by many people to be a myth, but only because very few individuals are given the privilege of seeing one. These magical creatures are highly regarded by all people in all countries, aside from necromancers. Necromancers have been known to enslave unicorns and pervert their magic for evil purposes, often through the use of blood magic.

The chance to see a unicorn is considered a great gift by anyone else, as unicorns are wise and magical creatures. They have the ability to communicate with mortals through speech, and appear to know how to speak every language of the world fluently. Their advice and physical aid is not often given, and when it is, it is something that would do the most good for the most people, or a deep expression of thanks.

Unicorns inhabit the realm between the mortal realm and the Realm of the Gods. They visit the mortal realm whenever they wish to, but usually remain hidden unless they have a reason to present themselves before someone. Unicorns live in one large herd in their realm, and they look just like horses aside from the horn. Their magic comes in all forms and is put to beneficial uses when they choose to help mortals.