Dragons were once prevalent in the world, but have died out over time. These animals frequently destroyed towns and cities for enjoyment, therefore the slaying of them was considered worthy of great reward.

Across the world there are stories of dragons in hiding, waiting to move against mortal societies once more. None of these stories has ever been confirmed. Many people also claim to have found remains of dragons and pass these off as magical relics. The hide from preserved skin under the scales, when found, is used for boots and leather jewelry.

Dragons were usually shades of brown or green, and grew to the size of three warhorses. The breeze from their wings could knock people over if they weren’t under sturdy shelter. They nested in mountain peaks and laid eggs to reproduce. No one ever saw two adult dragons together, so it’s not truly known how often they reproduced or what was involved in the mating ritual.

Some legends say that dragons could speak to mortals, but there is no documented proof other than stories from those who managed to slay the beasts, and each story differs from the others.

Dragon scales, bones, and teeth are still coveted by sorcerers for their magical properties, which are rare but still more available than the hides.