People known as Algomans.

Major Cities and Holds
Algoma City – capital
Shifter Lands – in the central forests of the country, a land independent of Algoma and inhabited by the Shifter people

Rulers and Their Stories
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Heroic Figures and Their Stories
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Social Classes
Royalty – king, queen, and their children
Dukes – any princes other than the crown prince become Dukes
Barons – landowners by blood
Governor – appointed by the royal family to oversee a former duke’s/baron’s holding if needed; if a child takes over the child becomes a baron
Commoners – everyone else

The military is divided into an army and a navy. The army is then divided further into a cavalry and infantry, each with a special unit of specially-trained archers.

Holiday Traditions
Cafk’s Day: On the first day of the Second Month of Winter, all of Algoma celebrates the new year by giving gifts to friends and family. Markets are closed and most people don’t work, aside from some guards and servants. Many wealthy people host or attend parties and the royal family holds a ball.

Durasyan’s Day: On the fourteenth day of the Third Month of Winter, all of Algoma honors the God of Love by giving gifts to lovers. Balls are held by the royal family, though there aren’t many parties across the country. It is also a popular night for intimacy among lovers, and Nymbs, the God of the Night, is also worshiped as a guardian of lovers.

Tysy’s Day: One the twenty-first day of the First Month of Summer, all of Algoma celebrates the summer solstice by worshiping the god Tysy to ask for good growing weather. Prayers are led asking for rain in times of drought, or for less rain if needed. If the weather has been almost ideal, the prayers are ones of thanks. Family dinners are held across the country and the royal family hosts a feast of summer game.

Lozk’s Day: On the twenty-first day of the First Month of Autumn, all of Algoma worships the God of the Harvest. Festivals are held throughout the country and feasts are held before food is preserved for the winter.

Treatment of Women
Women are considered equal to men in most things, including military service. Women can own land and businesses as well. A woman retains her own property in marriage, it does not become her husband’s.

Relationships other than between an individual man and an individual woman are considered inappropriate in some areas of the country, but in most large cities are barely remarked upon. There are no laws regulating relationships or marriage, but there also are no laws protecting anyone from any stigma.

The method of naming gives each child a second name that is a parent’s first name. Daughters are named after their mothers and sons after their fathers. For example, Aud Deverell is Aud, the son of Deverell. Using only two names makes names shorter and easier to give.

NOTE: King Jaimathan is one of a few known exceptions. As his mother was the ruling monarch, he is named after her, and not his father. So he is Jaimathan Cyra. His sister is also named for her mother, but if there had been a younger son, he would have been named for his father, as he would not be the heir.